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    Urban Mobility
    Data at your fingertips
    Pedestrians | Cyclists | Vehicles
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    Smart Cities
    Putting citizens in the driving seat
    Car park occupancy | Road traffic | Shopping centre "busy-ness"
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    Rail Management
    The Power of Prediction
    Providing station managers with next-generation tools

What We Do

Urban Mobility

Providing smart, hyper-local data for smart cities & intelligent transport systems

Video Analytics

Evolution chose vision as our primary sense. We do the same - extracting relevant data from video feeds to provide genuine insight

Privacy Protected

We process all the video on the sensor itself, and only keep anonymised data streams. No faces, no numberplates, no Big Brother.

Data Feeds

We can provide a huge variety of feeds, across either API access or online interfaces. These include detailed speed, counts, heatmaps - and even prediction.

Machine Learning

We use the latest technology to provide accurate detection and analysis, using techniques from Cambridge and UCL to expand beyond traditional boundaries

Local or Central

We have developed small, low-cost hardware units, which are easy to install and process everything locally. Or we have a server solution for when you already have a CCTV hub. Your call.

Perpetual updates

The intelligence is all in the software, which reduces hardware obsolescence and cost - while giving us the ability to update everything remotely. Win-win.


What can we offer you?

Our core video analytics technology has been used in a wide range of transport applications. Click on the images below to find out more.


Working with the best

Our team has experience in F1 teams, building solar powered cars, researching machine learning at top UK Universities, and in strategy consultancy. What will you bring?