Working with the best

Our team has experience in F1 teams, building solar powered cars, researching machine learning at top UK Universities, and in strategy consultancy. What will you bring?


What are your strengths?

We value everything our employees bring to the table, but we require everyone to demonstrate our core qualities:


We're looking for enquiring minds, who love becoming the "Why" child, and who will not be satisfied until they understand


We're looking for people with a proven drive to succeed, not just in the standard conveyor belt of life but in driving their own extra-curricular projects


We're looking for people who can innovate; who will challenge our concept of what a solution is; and who will deliver compelling alternatives.


What will you become?

Our current roles are shown below - please express an interest through (

However, if you don't fit one of the roles currently listed, we're always on the lookout for new talent of any kind. We don't believe that there is a mould that everyone should fit into - but we do need to find a role that fits for both the team and for you. Most roles fit somewhere in one of the following categories, although if you can make a case for any other role, then please feel free!

Computer Vision Developer
Our core capability is in Computer Vision, and we need people to develop new & exciting machine learning or traditional Computer Vision algorithms

Full Stack Developer
We use a broad set of technologies beyond Computer Vision, to deal with everything from managing our sensor network through to presenting stunning analytics to our clients

Hardware Developer
Each sensor has been meticulously designed by our hardware team, from electronics through to mechanical & structural design

Technicians & Project Managers
For our installations, we need people on site, both to install the sensors and to manage the broader installation teams

As with any company, we need excellent salespeople & support functions to operate efficiently

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