Detailed data for multi-sector application.

Our technology is deployed across a wide range of industries and applications, including on roads, in rail stations, on sports pitches, and on footpaths, where we gather anonymous data on use of that space.

With a particular focus on national, regional and local highway authorities, we are helping to inform transport strategy and policy, along with supporting the planning, monitoring and assessment of scheme implementations, to make towns and cities more efficient, safer and sustainable places to live.

We are also helping enterprise with historical, real-time and predictive data insight into travel modes and movement patterns, to help make better informed decisions, quantify operations and justify investments.


Actionable insight for a multitude of users.

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Helping inform strategic direction and policy to improve the road network and urban environment.
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Insight to support better planning, assessment and optimisation of transportation and infrastructure.
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Giving cities and businesses unprecedented insights for data-driven decision making.