The transport network is relied on by commerce and communities.

Millions of people take to the roads every day, whether driving, cycling or walking. The pandemic has seen travel patterns change, with a nationwide increase in active travel, more private vehicle use and a decrease in the use of public transport.

So, how do the government and national agencies make sure they understand what is happening on the network? How do they know where to invest millions upgrading roads and ensure transport policy is appropriate for changing situations? How can they make traffic less congested, safer, and more sustainable for everyone?

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VivaCity are helping governments to modernise transport and infrastructure management by providing cutting-edge technology. With AI sensors using edge-processing, we generate anonymous, detailed and accurate historic, live and predictive data on vehicles and how they use the road space.

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Poorly classified traffic data from legacy systems is no longer enough.

For today’s multimodal and fast-paced world, transport authorities are demanding low latency, accurate data, since their decisions affect the quality of life and economic health of millions.

We provide unrivalled historic, live and predictive data on vehicles and road usage. Along with classified vehicle counts, we have developed techniques for forecasting queue lengths and journey times, assessing average vehicle speeds, and systems to detect stopped vehicles.

This has allowed a better understanding of transport usage and flow, and how this is changing over time, helping inform national transport strategy and policy to improve the road network and urban environment.

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Data privacy-by-design

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our places more interconnected, greener and safer, and at the heart of this is data privacy. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of this technology and our privacy-by-design principles.


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