The business landscape is evolving rapidly, yet many businesses are not prepared.

Accurate, data-driven decisions are critical to success in any industry, whether assessing sites for property development, improving retail footfall, pricing advertising, or decreasing operating costs.

We can help gather this essential data. Our AI sensor network uses the very latest in machine learning techniques, providing anonymous, historical, real-time and predictive data forecasts, on transport modes and travel patterns, 24/7. Averaging over days, weeks or months, we can provide hyper-accurate data to help make better-informed business or logistical decisions.

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We’re enabling next-generation transport and infrastructure management by giving businesses unprecedented insights into travel modes and movement patterns to help quantify operations and justify investments.

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How we have supported private enterprise.

  • Airportsclassified vehicle counts and duration of stay data for pickup/drop off zones, helping manage occupancy and queueing with alerts for congestion areas, wrong-way or high-speed vehicles.
  • Sports – information about locations of most player activity on a pitch to help direct maintenance schedules and pre-empt likely cases of failure.
  •  Railway stations – quantify, monitor and understand footfall patterns.
  • Retail – quantify, monitor and understand footfall patterns.
  • Property development & construction – understand transport network use to inform better planning decisions.

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Keeping data safe.

Keeping personal data safe and private is critical to the success of this technology and our privacy-by-design principles. We are fully GDPR compliant – our sensors do not collect personal data, and none of our clients can use our technologies to gather any kind of personal data, ever.