We want to put artificial intelligence at the heart of every transport network, to make it work better for everyone. That means bringing together a talented team with different experiences, backgrounds and skills.

Our selection process is thorough to ensure that those selected share the same vision and values that we find so important to help us maintain a strong and healthy culture. We are incredibly proud of our colleagues and have inspiring, expert talent across the various teams, be it commercial, customer success, engineering, cloud, research and beyond.

We work together to maximise the potential for innovation, ensuring that we can out-think and out-revolutionise our competition every time. Viva has a no-wall, open door policy at all times – there is no seniority or job titles that ties in someone to how much they can contribute and get involved in the ongoing conversations. This formula seems to work well, as we are constantly pushing boundaries and delivering beyond expectations, all while supporting each other and enjoying #LifeAtViva!


Leadership Team A

  • Mark Nicholson Image
    Mark Nicholson
    CEO & Co-founder
    Mark co-founded Viva with Yang and Peter. The three met while designing, manufacturing and racing a road-legal solar-powered car. Today Mark has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of Viva, combining his technical and commercial experience with a passion for bringing artificial intelligence to the transport systems we all use every day.
  • Yang Lu Image
    Yang Lu
    CTO & Co-founder
    Yang leads Viva's technology development, driving technical excellence across the business, and is responsible for the technical decisions made daily. As a technology polyglot, with a 1st and Distinction from Cambridge in Engineering, Yang has previously spent time at a leading technology consultancy working on solutions from in-ear monitoring using the IoT to high-speed generic sequencing.
  • Peter Mildon Image
    Peter Mildon
    COO & Co-founder
    Peter is responsible for the commercial delivery of Viva. After graduating from Cambridge University, Peter joined a leading systems engineering consultancy, heading projects across the oil, civil nuclear, and renewables industries. With substantial process-driven experience under his belt, Peter leads operations at Viva, ensuring we deliver on time and to specification - every time.
  • Rob Stait Image
    Rob Stait
    Commercial Director
    Rob leads the Commercial functions and has responsibility for sustaining Viva’s extraordinary growth. Rob brings years of experience of growing businesses in both the traffic management and sensor technology sectors. His background includes a strong track record of sales and marketing in the tech space, but also experience of both investor fundraising and the successful sale of high value businesses.
  • Lindsey Noakes Image
    Lindsey Noakes
    Head of People
    Lindsey is Viva’s Head of People. Prior to Viva she ran an award-winning social enterprise that used data to get safely-managed sanitation to everyone, everywhere. Lindsey has a Master’s degree in conflict studies from SOAS University of London. Outside of work, Lindsey embraces the lockdown lifestyle doing yoga and making sourdough, and planning her next road trip.
  • Raquel Velasco Image
    Raquel Velasco
    Head of Product
    Raquel is the Head of Product at Viva, responsible for the strategy and development of our AI-powered sensors and Smart Junctions solutions. Raquel has worked in the Oil & Gas industry within geophysics R&D and product management. A University of Oxford Master in Physics and a London Business School MBA holder, in her leisure time, Raquel loves to be in the water, especially swimming and sailing.
  • Roger Morgain Image
    Roger Morgain
    Head of Manufacturing
    Roger leads Viva’s Manufacturing function, comprising three main teams: Stock & Supply, Sensor Build, and Sensor Install. Our Manufacturing function ensures our sensors are safely installed, and data insights are readily available to clients. Roger has spent his career working within manufacturing in motorsport, defence and technology sectors, and has been instrumental in creating our own manufacturing facility in Milton Keynes.
  • Megan O’Connor Image
    Megan O’Connor
    Head of Strategic Partnerships
    Megan has over 15 years of experience leading teams in the transport technology industry and delivering key solutions for the likes of National Highways and TfL. Helping clients succeed and get true value from technology is what gets Megan ticking. Megan has an MBA from University of the West England, and in her spare time enjoys playing tennis and acting as a taxi for her kids.
  • Shaun Howell Image
    Shaun Howell
    Head of Smart Junctions Production
    Shaun has a background in applied AI, working with partners in both the public and private sectors, and academia. He is passionate about pushing the boundaries of applied deep learning, and his research interests include reinforcement learning, computer vision, and traffic simulation. At Viva Shaun leads the research teams to get big ideas in front of customers. Outside of work he is an avid strength athlete and dog trainer.
  • Tommi MÄÄTTÄ Image
    Tommi MÄÄTTÄ
    Head of Special Projects
    Tommi leads our Special Projects Team, responsible for powering up strategic projects and building custom solutions in collaboration with key clients, resulting in cutting edge innovations. A PhD graduate (Eindhoven University, Philips Research Center and Stanford University), who has helped startups get off the ground with their computer vision projects, Tommi is also a keen sports enthusiast and countryside lover.

The Viva Family

Viva Team company trip to Coombe Abbey
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Team stories

Raquel Velasco - Head of Product at Viva

“Autonomy is one of our values and really resonates with me. Each of us are trusted to do our jobs and are not micromanaged or expected to micromanage. Everybody takes ownership of the outcomes  that are going to be delivered. We all really believe in improving transportation for individuals in a more sustainable way, and I think all of us really rally behind that mission – it’s bonded us together.” – Raquel Velasco, Head of Product


Mirri Hengeveld - People Operations Executive at Viva

“At Viva, I’ve never felt that urge to just not say things about myself, or hide an aspect of myself, and that’s been really great. The culture is open and I can just go and talk to anyone, ask any question. There is freedom to work on big projects and take on challenges […] I have been given the chance to do so much, creating standards and automating processes, and that is really exciting for me.” – Mirri Helgeveld, People Operations Executive


Sam Williams - Full Stack Developer at Viva

“About Viva’s culture… my number one thing is friendliness and being human. Viva fosters genuine relationships and everyone is really friendly, kind, understanding and supportive. I think there’s lots of other things the company does incredibly well. It’s very progressive and open to taking people from lots of different backgrounds.” – Sam Williams, Full Stack Developer


Zaheer Allarakhia - Site Team Lead at Viva

“This is the best company I have ever worked for! The environment is so friendly, supportive and transparent. There is a willingness to help one another be it a co-worker, line manager or the founders of the company. It’s basically a team of friends working together, that’s what I see across the company.” – Zaheer Allarakhia, Site Team Lead


Join our team

Due to our rapid growth and market demands, we’re always looking for new talents to help us in our mission. Are you interested in joining our team, and do you think you fit our ambition?

Please take a look at our current open roles. We would love to hear from you.




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