Image depicting a Smart city

Cities are undergoing a revolution in the way they are structured and managed.

Artificial intelligence is paving the way to transform them into smarter and more efficient places to work and live.

A smart city requires a huge range of technology working in tandem in order to stay interconnected and to communicate both problems and solutions.

The evolution of travel within the urban environment revolves around three key areas: better data about roads, real-time control systems for existing infrastructure, and the future intersection of vehicle and fleet technologies with infrastructure.

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Our AI sensors provide up-to-the minute data on urban movement. With anonymous and accurate insight on transport mode usage and movement, we can monitor, assess and predict traffic flow, intelligently control traffic signals and alert automated vehicles to accident warnings.

Our rich, granular datasets are helping make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable.

We are focused on providing these solutions, giving unprecedented insight to help cities modernise transport networks.

Our technology enables more interconnected journeys, promotion of active travel, reduced congestion and air pollution, and enhanced safety – all of which have a positive impact on the sustainability and efficiency of cities across the UK and beyond.

Image of motorway with smart features

A whole range of insights all from the same traffic sensor.

Viva Dashboard

  • Classified Counts – Up to 32 classes, including Pedestrian – Cyclist – Motorbike – Car – Taxi – Van/LGV – OGV 1 – OGV 2 – Public Service Vehicles/Buses
  • Vehicle Path across the road space to understand how different vehicles interact and to assess junction turning counts
  • Median Journey Time of road users with number plates between any two sensors within the network
  • Speed to capture travel behavior, stopped vehicle detection and identify queue formation
  • Origin/Destination can count a vehicle along routes between two sensors (points) for insight into traffic levels and travel patterns, tracked by anonymously hashed ANPR
  • Near Misses track paths to identify dangerous interactions between vulnerable road users and vehicles
  • Sensor Image on request, a blurred image or low-res video of the road space to help understand abnormal behavior on a live data feed

Discover what makes Viva sensors unique and how we compared to other technologies.


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Keeping citizens’ data secure and private.

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our places more interconnected, greener and safer, and at the heart of this is data privacy. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of this technology and our privacy-by-design principles.


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