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How Smart Junctions can help.

Congestion and queuing can be reduced by traffic signals that respond better and more quickly to changes in traffic conditions than existing systems. But this moves beyond just reducing congestion and journey times. Air quality and prioritising active travel & public transport reliability are now critical to transport policies.

Our AI Smart Junctions can also self-calibrate, maintaining performance indefinitely as the system self-improves and retrains following changes in the network.

Through AI and machine learning, we have the potential to optimize roads for

  • Different modes, including cyclists, buses or pedestrians – providing weighted priority to reduce waiting times for these modes.
  • Air quality – using our detailed datasets to understand emissions & set the AI to prioritise for this.
  • Congestion – giving transport authorities the choice to prioritise underlying congestion.

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Viva Smart Junctions, winner of the Innovative Use of Technology award at the 2020 Intelligent Transport Systems ITS (UK) Awards.