Detection, extraction, classification & analysis.

Viva sensors use AI for video analytics to accurately detect, extract, classify and analyse different transport modes and traffic movement.

Each sensor contains a camera, and uses machine learning on these images to extract completely anonymous data on every mode of transport, before deleting the images. This provides insights into counts, classifications, turning movements, speeds, stopped vehicles and journey times.

Our video analytics algorithms have been trained with hundreds of thousands of hours of video and millions of reference images and we are constantly enhancing this to optimize identification and classification accuracy.

Viva Traffic monitoring video analytics solution

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Air quality programmes using Viva sensor data

Rich, detailed data without invading privacy.

These cutting-edge video analytics algorithms, similar to those used in driverless vehicles and autonomous drones, can gather and analyse data on how busy a city is, with data on roads, public transport, cyclists and pedestrians, on the road or pathways, all in real-time. We also offer the ability to monitor congestion and alert to dangerous situations and safety risks, such as stopped vehicle detection, delivering valuable insight data for highways and urban infrastructure planning, monitoring and measurement.

Viva Video analytics can process vast amounts of data at very low latency and is ideal for automating tasks previously done manually, which are often labour intensive and have limitations on processing capability. Instead, with our technologies, anything a human could understand from a video feed, we can understand from our sensors.

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Keeping data safe.

At Viva, privacy is at the heart of everything we do. We believe strongly that keeping citizens’ data secure and private is critical to the success of this technology. We have designed our solutions from the ground up to guarantee the privacy of every citizen, utilising privacy-by-design principles. Our sensors do not collect personal data, and none of our clients can use our technologies to gather any kind of personal data, ever.


Banner image depicting Data Privacy by Viva