With changing travel patterns, innovation in transportation is critical.

Accelerated by the pandemic, there has been a nationwide increase in cycling, walking and overall active travel options, more private vehicles on the roads, and a decrease in the use of public transport, with the daily commute changing for many in the longer term.

More liveable and friendly environments are also growing in importance, driven by the economic and social benefits, such as reduced congestion, improved air quality, increased physical activity and lower health costs.

Following quick, emergency responses, the focus is now on implementation of longer-term initiatives, which require more considered planning. Combined with the requirement of better public consultation, there is increased emphasis on highway authorities to understand more about current travel behaviours and to capture the impact new schemes have on modal shift behaviour with the benefits they deliver.


Vivacity data is empowering traffic managers and transport planners with new insights to help adapt road networks for the future. It is supporting planning for improvements in infrastructure and active travel initiatives, with the ability to monitor, measure and report on the results.

Monitoring and reporting at your fingertips.

Data analysis includes transportation types, multimodal and active travel trends and interactions, road, cycle lane and footpath usage, speeds and journey times, and anonymous assessment of social distancing measures.

Accessing all this is easy via our cloud-based intuitive dashboard, which allows users to log-in from anywhere and view live and historic data generated by each sensor.

  • Understand road usage and interactions before schemes are implemented.
  • Live data to see what is happening in the road space in real-time.
  • Monitoring and reporting after implementation to see effects of interventions.

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Keeping citizens’ data secure and private.

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our places more interconnected, greener and safer, and at the heart of this is data privacy. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of this technology and our privacy-by-design principles.