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TechRound: Interview with Mark Nicholson, CEO Vivacity Labs

Our CEO Mark Nicholson was interviewed recently by TechRound, discussing with them how the idea for Vivacity came about, future plans for the company and advice Mark has for other aspiring entrepreneurs. How did you come up with the idea for the company? The Vivacity Labs journey actually started back in 2011. I met myRead More

West Midlands 5G: 5G Enabled Traffic Monitoring Sensors.

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) has partnered with Vivacity Labs to validate the application and use of 5G-enabled smart sensors to accurately identify and classify road usage in real-time. Two roads near Solihull (Lode Lane and Damson Lane) that regularly receive high volumes of traffic were identified for the trial. Lamp posts were equipped with VivacityRead More

It’s 2020, not 1984. Privacy is Key.

It’s been great to see the latest incoming coverage surrounding our sensors and how we monitor travel. However, it’s understandable that, without prior knowledge of how this new technology works, some people see us veering headfirst into an all-seeing, omniscient network of “Big Brother” cameras monitoring our every move. This isn’t what we stand for.Read More