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It’s 2020, not 1984. Privacy is Key.

It’s been great to see the latest incoming coverage surrounding our sensors and how we monitor travel. However, it’s understandable that, without prior knowledge of how this new technology works, some people see us veering headfirst into an all-seeing, omniscient network of “Big Brother” cameras monitoring our every move. This isn’t what we stand for.Read More

How Technology and COVID-19 are changing travel as we know it

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic and restrictions ease, people and businesses are looking for ways of ‘returning to normal’. Yet COVID-19 has completely transformed the way we work, rest and play. Perhaps, going back to the way we were before will no longer be an option – but this may notRead More

Traffic signal optimisation with VivaCity Smart Junctions

AI-powered pollution-reducing traffic lights trialled as part of £30m boost for 5G initiatives

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered traffic lights will be trialled in Manchester to assess whether they can efficiently reduce pollution and congestion as part of a £30m investment in 5G technology. The project plans to use intelligent sensors to detect speed, path, journey time and queuing data for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians travelling along the city’s roads. The sensors, running AIRead More

Traffic Flow at London City Airport’s Forecourt & Access Roads.

Managing traffic flow at airport forecourt and access road to minimise disruption. Challenge London City Airport (LYC) is served by a single main road (Hartmann Road) for access/exit by all public vehicles. Congestion near to the junction of Hartmann Road and the A112 can cause a knock-on effect near to the airport buildings, disrupting theRead More

The impact of COVID-19 on Cambridge traffic flow using VivaCity data.

Examining the impact of Covid-19 on traffic flow in Cambridge. Throughout the pandemic VivaCity have been supporting clients and partners to improve understanding about the impact on transport modes usage and and traffic movement in towns and cities. Cambridge County Council has multiple VivaCity sensors installed across the city to monitor traffic flows. Michael Stevens,Read More