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UK Government Funding Opportunity for Transport Infrastructure and programmes

UK Transport Scheme Funding Opportunities

Here is a list of funding and grants available for Local Authorities to spend on transportation planning and building infrastructure for smarter, safer and more sustainable cities.

VivaCity team at JCT Symposium 2022

VivaCity at JCT Symposium 2022

VivaCity joined industry leaders and innovators at this year’s JCT Symposium in Nottingham. We presented the latest results and learnings from a VivaCity Smart Junctions trial in Cambridgeshire. Read about the highlights here.

Clean Air Day 2022 - Active Travel and health benefits

Clean Air Day 2022 – Walk those short distances where you can

Air pollution can have severe consequences on human health and in the UK, it causes up to 36,000 deaths every year. The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise air pollution as the largest environmental risk we face these days. Exposure to air pollutants increases the risk of respiratory infections, heart disease and lungRead More

Speed Data for road safety

Using Speed Monitoring Data to Improve Road Safety

With Zonal Speed datasets it’s possible to identify where speed limits are or are not being obeyed. Our AI-powered, computer vision sensors offer multi-modal classification of road users and their speed.