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Cross River Partnership VivaCity Programme - Monitoring School Streets Scheme

School Streets Monitoring by the Cross River Partnership VivaCity Programme

The Cross River Partnership (CRP) VivaCity programme has been deployed as a school street monitoring scheme at Saint Scholastica’s Roman Catholic Primary School in east London, gathering data about the variations of motorised and non-motorised road users as a result of the implementation.  A school street is a road, or section of a road, thatRead More

Active travel scheme monitoring

2021/22 Active Travel Scheme Monitoring and Funding Opportunities

This year is looking promising for Local Authorities that are engaged in Active Travel schemes. Invitations for funding applications have recently been announced, including expressions of interest in Mini Hollands, capital funding for 2021/22, the GP Prescribing Pilot fund, as well as ‘Healthy Streets Funding’ through Transport for London. A critical element of the applicationRead More

Cross River Partnership VivaCity Programme - Soho Al Fresco outdoors dining

Cross River Partnership Proof of Concept of ‘Al Fresco’ Dining in Soho

In summer 2020, some of the streets of Soho in central London were closed to vehicular traffic between 5pm and 10pm, allowing hospitality establishments to set up extra space outdoors to serve customers, while increasing overall space for pedestrians to safely transit due to the ongoing pandemic. This initiative was fondly named Soho ‘Al Fresco’. TheRead More

Cross River Partnership, VivaCity and Westiminster City Council Project - Soho

Cross River Partnership Showcases the Impact of Street Interventions Across London

Over the last year, we’ve been working with the brilliant Cross River Partnership (CRP) team to showcase the impact of streetscape interventions across London, as part of CRP’s Defra-funded Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) programme. CRP is a non-profit and impartial partnership organisation that delivers positive change for London’s residents, businesses and visitors. The CAV3 programmeRead More

TfWM, WM5G and VivaCity project to Innovate road traffic network

TfWM and WM5G Partner with VivaCity to Innovate Road Traffic Networks

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is harnessing the power of 5G technology to innovate road traffic networks and cut congestion on some of the West Midlands busiest roads with the help of VivaCity Lab’s sensors. A congestion-busting network of 5G sensors will relay live traffic information to local authorities so that swift action can beRead More