With changes in travel patterns triggered by the pandemic and as the public begins to return to work as lockdown eases, we have been supporting councils in their efforts to increase the uptake in Active Travel across the UK’s towns and cities.

Our award-winning artificial intelligence technology gathers anonymous data on transport systems, to capture, classify and track live transport usage, 24/7. During lockdown, our sensor data has often been quoted as a reliable source by much of the mainstream media, the Department of Transport and by local authorities. Crucially, our technology is highly reliable and accurate at gathering data on cycling, walking, and social distancing – all critical components of the government’s exit strategy.

What support can Vivacity provide?

Our technology allows authorities to not only count cyclists, but also understand behaviour at complex junctions. By examining the number of cyclists and other vehicles turning left or right at junctions, authorities can improve their understanding of how cyclists are using the existing infrastructure, supporting future changes to the junction.

In addition, by looking at the interaction patterns, such as dangerous undertaking manoeuvres or cyclists using pavements, authorities can help to improve safety for cyclists – which is one of the biggest impediments to more people using bicycles to get around.

This product uses the same underlying video analytics technology as autonomous vehicles to really understand what is happening on the roads, extracting deep but anonymous insight into behaviour patterns.

We have developed this as a result of working with authorities across the country for a number of years. Our sensors are not only able to count cyclists but also analyse their  behaviours, interactions, and turning movements, enabling authorities to plan safety interventions much more effectively. We have been working on a variety of projects recently ranging from monitoring of air quality and active travel uptake in Manchester, through to pedestrian and cyclist interventions outside schools in Bournemouth, to name but a few. Vivacity have even helped in the redesign of a road junction into a mini ‘Holland style’ roundabout providing cyclists with priority in Cambridge.

How do I get started?

Projects to support active travel can be simple and effective, with Vivacity lending their vast experience to help councils deliver swift but sustainable impact, with the minimum of distraction at this challenging time.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can support your Active Travel initiatives.