At Vivacity, we’re building a new kind of city-wide intelligence. We combine the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet-of-Things to improve transport networks.


Vision & Mission

Better Data
We believe that cities deserve better datasets. We’re focused on providing unprecedented insight through video analytics to help cities improve their transport network. Making safer, more sustainable and smarter ways to travel.
Modern Systems
We’re modernising the road transport system. We are building optimisation systems, from real-time prediction, traffic signal control to guiding connected and autonomous vehicles.
Privacy by design
We believe that all personal data should be protected. We are dedicated to using privacy-by-design principles to ensure that your personal data is not compromised.

Our Founders

  • Mark Nicholson Image
    Mark Nicholson
    CEO & Co-founder
    Mark has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of Vivacity. Mark co-founded Vivacity Labs with Yang Lu & Peter Mildon, who met while designing, manufacturing and racing a road-legal solar-powered car. Subsequently, Mark worked at a top-tier strategy consultancy, supporting board-level decisions at a range of household brands, including Pizza Express and Hertz. Now, Mark combines his technical and commercial experience with a passion for bringing artificial intelligence to the transport systems we all use every day.
  • Yang Lu Image
    Yang Lu
    CTO & Co-founder
    Yang is responsible for the technical choices Vivacity makes, and for the team that builds our products. Following his role as Technical Director of Cambridge’s solar car team, Yang spent time at a leading technology consultancy, working on technical solutions from in-ear monitoring using the internet-of-things to high-speed genetic sequencing. As a technology polyglot, with a 1st and Distinction from Cambridge in Engineering, Yang leads Vivacity’s technology development, driving technical excellence across the business.  
  • Peter Mildon Image
    Peter Mildon
    COO & Co-founder
    Peter is responsible for the commercial delivery of Vivacity. After graduating from Cambridge University, Peter joined a leading systems engineering consultancy, leading projects across the oil, civil nuclear, and renewables industries.  With substantial process-driven experience under his belt, Peter leads operations at Vivacity, ensuring we deliver on time and to specification, every time.


Vivacity has gained global press coverage, from publications who have explored our revolutionary work in transport and artificial intelligence. See what people have been saying about us.

“Vivacity’s system-wide data can be analysed not only to recognise current traffic conditions but also to predict how traffic patterns will develop. Eventually, it should be able to direct drivers “based not on how busy the road is now, or how busy it was a few minutes ago, but how busy it will be when you get there,” says Peter Mildon, chief operating officer of Vivacity. June 2018 – Read full article here.

“The scheme, developed by Vivacity Labs, would help traffic lights prioritise ambulances, buses and cyclists and ease the flow of traffic to prevent bottlenecks by being able to react to the volume of vehicles passing through the lights.” May 2018 – Read full article here.

“Based in London, the company develops smart cameras that can be programmed to recognise things – such as types of vehicle. The recognition software means that the cameras can be used to, say, monitor a stretch of road and analyse traffic patterns without the need for humans to look at the footage.” November 2016 – Read full article here.

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