Welsh Active Travel Fund

Thursday, 7 September, 2023

Making the most of Active Travel funding with VivaCity

In this blog, learn about the many ways VivaCity’s traffic monitoring solution fulfils the Monitoring & Evaluation requirements of the Welsh Active Travel Fund, as outlined by Welsh Government, and how to maximise the success of your schemes with high quality, real-time data.

Achieve your Active Travel goals

The key objective of the Welsh Active Travel Fund is to encourage modal shift from cars to active travel.

With highly accurate, multimodal detection capabilities (including insights on cyclist, pedestrian and e-scooter behaviours and movements), a comprehensive online reporting system, and API integration, VivaCity’s AI-powered traffic monitoring solution is supremely placed to support Wales achieve its Active Travel goals.

Our technology is already being used by several councils in Wales to monitor and evaluate innovative active travel projects. Ultimately, we want to help more Welsh councils get the most out of their allocated funding, and put them in the optimal position to secure further funding, with rich data evidence.

Abergavenny in Monmouthshire County with VivaCity traffic sensor - Website

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Contraflow Cycle Lane Monitoring
with Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council used VivaCity data to measure the introduction of cycling infrastructure on modal share. They also analysed the impact on vehicle speed has a result of narrowing of road space.

Nail Active Travel Monitoring & Evaluation Requirements

VivaCity’s AI-powered computer vision traffic monitoring solution fulfils all key Monitoring & Evaluation requirements.

Baseline data collection and post-completion monitoring for a 3 year period

VivaCity sensors are optimised for long-term monitoring and evaluation.

Unlike traditional monitoring technology, such as induction loops or manual counts, VivaCity sensor accuracy and performance experiences no deterioration over time.

Data is continuously and securely sent from across the network to the cloud-based VivaCity dashboard.

Dashboard users can access all VivaCity datasets at any time. Use in-built analysis tools, such as Trend Analysis and Intervention Analysis, to analyse transport volumes over extended time periods.

It’s easy to set Start and End dates for analysis periods, and filter data by mode. Use these filters to understand how transport volumes have changed pre- and post-intervention, or to identify seasonal trends.

VivaCity sensors come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

VivaCity sensors receive the latest feature updates remotely, via the cloud. Most commonly installed several metres above ground on lighting columns, these compact sensors are not subject to the wear and tear of ground level equipment. This makes VivaCity a hardy, low maintenance and sustainable solution to fulfil long-term monitoring and evaluation requirements.

Level of monitoring and evaluation is proportionate to the scale of the project

VivaCity sensors are a cost-effective and scalable monitoring technology.

Whether you’re monitoring a single road, or an entire region, VivaCity’s monitoring solution can provide you with the detailed insights you need. Access data from across your network on a central dashboard, or download via API, for a full and comprehensive picture of scheme performance.

Switch between granular detail and network overview, with a toggle of a button.

With a range of datasets available, including Speed, Tracks (the path road users take across the sensor’s field of view) and Classified Counts, the granular detail is there to explore. For an overview, the dashboard homepage provides Summary Metrics from your network at a glance.

Quantitative and Qualitative data

Quantitative data and qualitative data come together with VivaCity

VivaCity provides a wealth of quantitative data, including road user volumes and speeds. Alongside this, VivaCity users receive qualitative data on turning behaviours at junctions, the paths that road users take across the sensor’s field of view, and real-time insights on near miss events. Underpinned with empirical evidence, these insights support strategic decision-making to optimise safe active travel.

Monitoring & Evaluation in action

Use VivaCity data to monitor and evaluate the impact of interventions and trial projects to support active travel objectives.

Improving pedestrian provision

Tracks data provides insight into walking patterns and trends, with anonymised path data. Evalaute walkability by monitoring how pedestrians use infrastructure, determine desire lines, and use these insights to develop more efficient and practical designs to make walking safer for all.

When trialling interventions over a sustained period, VivaCity Tracks data offers a wealth of useful insight to help evaluate the trial. Use this data to assess which interventions to make permanent, based on their success in supporting active travel during the trial, and to establish benchmarks for pre- and post-intervention analysis.

Image shows VivaCity sensor view (blurred) of a side zebra trial site in Cardiff Image shows movement path data captured by VivaCity sensor at trial side zebra crossing in Cardiff.

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Monitoring & Evaluating School Street Trials
with Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council used VivaCity Tracks data to evaluate what impact the introduction of a School Street had on crossing behaviours.

Read the case study
Monitoring & Evaluating Zebra Crossing Trials
with Cardiff Council, TfW and Welsh Government

Commissioned by Welsh Government, Cardiff Council used VivaCity Tracks data as part of a non-prescribed ‘simple’ zebra crossing trial, to understand how pedestrians used the crossings. This data was combined with Speed data to identify Give Way behaviours.

Improving cycling safety

Traditional road safety data, such as KSI and Stat19, is delayed and incomplete. VivaCity’s Near Miss detection feature complements these traditional data sources, with real-time insights on near miss events, and the root cause of road safety risks.

Near Miss provides Active Travel Officers with insights into the behavioural factors that underpin road safety hazards for cyclists. This data supports strategic and cost-effective interventions to improve cycling safety, and can be used as a benchmark to measure subsequent infrastructure performance.

Read the case study

Detecting cyclist Near Miss hotspots

Oxfordshire County Council are using VivaCity’s Near Miss feature to better understand safety risks for cyclists at busy junction.

Maximising modal shift

With the ability to capture 24/7 anonymous data on 9 transport modes, including pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters and buses, VivaCity’s Smart Traffic Monitoring solution is ideal for measuring modal shift over time.

Read the case study

Measuring modal shift to active travel

Bristol City Council have used VivaCity data to monitor modal shift following the introduction of new cycling infrastructure.

Image of desktop showing VivaCity Near Miss Feature Brochure

Discover how Near Miss data can support your authority achieve their Vision Zero goals and enhance your road safety initiatives:

  • Identify hazards before incidents occur
  • Make data-based decisions and justify expenditure
  • Perform post-intervention analysis to measure results

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