The Challenges Facing Ireland

Road fatalities have been the highest in the last 6 years in the Republic and less than 46% of people are satisfied with cycling facilities in their area in Northern Ireland. 

Meanwhile, encouraging people to choose Active Travel over private vehicles is creating a rapid change in demand on our traffic networks, road safety and urban infrastructure. That means that traditional traffic monitoring is no longer able to deliver the insights that are required to support and adapt to the ever-changing mobility landscape

VivaCity’s Smart Traffic technologies deliver accurate and scalable solutions for the most complex transport challenges.

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Smart Road Safety

Image of Dublin street

VivaCity’s Smart Road Safety solution offers a proactive and predictive approach to identifying and tackling incidents before they happen.

The datasets available include Countline Speed, Zonal Speed and our ground-breaking Near Miss feature that uses superior 3D object detection capabilities and severity score metrics to provide insights on dangerous road user interactions and their root cause.

Authorities have used our Smart Road Safety data to proactively enhance active travel schemes, evaluate school streets *and* measure the success of 20mph trial zones.



Smart Traffic Monitoring

Our award-winning AI-powered computer vision sensors detect and classify a wide range of modes including pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters, cars, buses, HGVs, and more.

Combining a range of highly accurate multimodal datasets – Classified Counts, Turning Counts, Tracks, Dwell Time, Occupancy, Journey Times, and more, all from a single sensor – empowers local authorities to make data-led, proactive decisions and accurately evaluate the impact of schemes.

Our partners have used these insights to plan and measure Active Travel and modal shift uptake, cycle lane safety, e-scooter trends and road user behaviour.


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Smart Signal Control

Image of Traffic Signal in Belfast

Traditional signal control systems are outdated and costly to maintain or upgrade. Constraints of existing junction layouts and traditional signalling systems are unable to effectively manage the volume and variety of transport modes using urban road networks today. 

VivaCity’s Smart Signal Control: Detect can feed live, multimodal data into UTC systems, optimising signal control at junctions and crossings for specific active travel and micromobility modes.

The result is improved journey times, safer junctions for active travel, and an enhanced user experience for all.


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