UK Transport Scheme Funding Opportunities

Friday, 28 October, 2022
UK Government Funding Opportunity for Transport Infrastructure and programmes

This resource presents funding opportunities and grants available to Local Authorities for transportation planning and infrastructure schemes. Key investment areas include:

  • Active Travel and Modal Shift projects
  • Road Safety programmes
  • Congestion reduction and traffic flow optimisation projects
  • Low traffic neighbourhoods, School Streets and other interventions
  • Air Quality improvement schemes
  • Regeneration and renovation projects
  • Traffic signal control optimisation

Active Travel Fund Tranche 4 (England)

The largest funding allocation for Active Travel schemes for local authorities in England, with a 4th round to be announced soon and £200 million available in the pot. Find out more

Find out how local authorities are using VivaCity data insights for Active Travel scheme monitoring:

Get in touch with VivaCity and let us help with the monitoring and evaluation of your schemes.

Section 106 Grant Funding – Ongoing (UK)

Also known as Planning Obligations, the Section 106 funding can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing infrastructure the need for which has arisen at least in part, as a result of a new development taking place. Find out more

Get in touch with VivaCity and let us help with the monitoring and evaluation of your schemes.

Welsh Active Travel Fund 2023 / 2024 (Wales)

Active Travel funding available for Welsh Local Authorities for programmes to be rolled out across 2023 and 2024, including large, complex projects that can take up to three years to complete. Find out more

Get in touch with VivaCity and let us help with the monitoring and evaluation of your schemes.

Bus Service Improvement Plans BSIP (England)

The National Bus Strategy sets out an ambitious vision to dramatically improve bus services in England outside London through greater local leadership, to reverse the recent shift in journeys away from public transport and encourage passengers back to bus, committing £3 billion of new funding. Find out more

Get in touch with VivaCity and let us help with the monitoring and evaluation of your schemes.

Air Quality Fund (England)

Local authorities across England have been granted £10.7 million in the latest round of funding for projects that will improve air quality, helping develop and implement measures to benefit schools, businesses and communities and reduce the impact of air pollution on people’s health. Find out more

Get in touch with VivaCity and let us help with the monitoring and evaluation of your schemes.

Levelling Up Fund (England)

The Levelling Up Fund is in its second round and it’s aimed at investing in infrastructure to improve lives by giving people pride in their local communities, bringing more places across the UK closer to opportunity, and to deliver against the diverse needs of all places and communities across the UK. Find out more

Learn more about how our traffic and scheme monitoring data insights is helping local authorities with their Levelling Up projects here.

City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements CRSTS (England)

A levelling up funding aimed at improving the quality of local transport networks, particularly public transport, in 8 large metropolitan areas in England – West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, the North East, Tees Valley, West Yorkshire, Sheffield City Region, and the West of England around Bristol and Bath. Find out more

If your council have received funding through the CRSTS, get in touch with our team and let us help your projects with a bespoke monitoring strategy.

Bus Recovery Fund – £130 Million (England)

Buses across England will benefit from up to £130 million of government support, ensuring services keep running and millions of passengers can continue using affordable transport. The government is also investing £3 billion in bus services by 2025, including over £1 billion to improve fares, services and infrastructure, and a further £525 million for zero emission buses.
Find out more

Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure BICI – (UK & International)

Led in partnership with the Global Designing Cities Initiative (GDCI), The Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure (BICI) is a competitive grant program that will foster catalytic change in city cycling infrastructure around the world. Ambitious cycling infrastructure projects can receive grants of $400k USD to $1M USD.
Find out more

Road Safety Trust Small Grants Programme (UK)

The main aim of the Small Grants Programme is to improve road safety at a local level. The maximum project length under this grant programme is 24 months. In 2022, the minimum amount was £10,000 and the maximum was £30,000 over two years in total.
Find out more

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (Scotland)

A programme aimed at supporting local authorities in Scotland to encourage more active and sustainable travel choices – less car use and more journeys by foot, bicycle, public transport and car share. It’s on its 7th year of funding with £5million allocated to local authorities in 2022.
Find out more

Places for Everyone (Scotland)

Funded by Transport Scotland and run by Sustrans Scotland, this programme provides advice, support and funding for the creation of infrastructure that makes it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys.
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Previous Funding Opportunities that may come back and worth keeping an eye on.

Air Quality Grant Scheme

(applications closed in late 2022)

Defra’s air quality grant scheme provides funding to eligible local authorities to help improve air quality, with more than £81million in funding given since it started in1997.
Find out more

Transforming Cities Funding

(applications closed in 2018)
Aimed to improve productivity by investing in public and sustainable transport infrastructure in English cities. 
Find out more

Future High Streets Fund

The aim of the Future High Streets Fund is to renew and reshape town centres and high streets in a way that drives growth, improves experience and ensures future sustainability. 
Find out more

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