Real-time, classified junction and crossing demand data

Smart Signal Control: Detect by VivaCity

Compatible with Yunex, Swarco and Telent controllers, the sensor captures classified demand across a wide area or up to 100m. This real time multimodal demand data is sent to the controller, enabling it to give priority to specific modes and optimise signal timings.

VivaCity sensors are a 3-in-1 solution. In addition to real time detection for signal control, they also offer historical traffic monitoring and road safety analysis. New features and enhancements can be added over-the-air, making the sensors more future-proof than other devices.

Our market leading accuracy has been validated by Transport for London as achieving at least 97% classification accuracy, and our solution is trusted by over 100 authorities across the UK, Ireland, North America, Europe, and in Australia and New Zealand.

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How VivaCity can support your traffic signals upgrade

Smart Signal Control: Detect delivers a range of benefits for all sizes of signal control projects and optimisation needs:


Detect pedestrians and vulnerable road users on crossings and extend crossing time to enhance safety.


Using VivaCity sensors, detect and count the volume of pedestrians (or other road users) waiting to cross. Filter out those not intending to cross, and modify controller behaviour based on variable demand levels.

Approach Lanes

Detect, classify and count vehicles on the approach to a junction. Use volumetric detection to prioritise a heavily demanded phase, or configure class-specific demands to prioritise certain modes, for example slow-moving goods vehicles or buses.

Loop emulation

Replace multiple induction loops with a single VivaCity sensor, increasing ease of maintenance. Enhance performance of virtual loops by placing them anywhere, and enabling typically less-reliably detected classes such as cyclists to trigger demands.

Cycle Detection

Detect cyclists on the approach to crossings or cycle-specific phases and automatically place a demand. Enable cyclists to cross without needing to press a button – and filter out spurious demands from pedestrians or cyclists moving away from the junction.

Market leading accuracy

VivaCity sensors have been independently validated at better than 97% accuracy and 99.9% uptime. Compared to other above ground detectors, VivaCity sensors lead the market with innovative improvements to glare and occlusion to support signal control use cases.

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