Our sensor hardware provides continuous and anonymous streams of data on all forms of urban mobility – from pedestrian to cyclist, car to HGV, and everything in-between.

For Public Sector organisations

Vivacity can help you meet the evolving needs of citizens.

In today’s multimodal and fast-paced world, dated and poorly classified traffic data from legacy systems is no longer enough. Transport authorities are demanding low latency, accurate data, since their decisions affect the quality of life and economic health of millions.

Vivacity Labs have developed and patented award-winning Artificial Intelligence technology that continuously captures and classifies live transport usage, 24/7. Our sensor hardware provides continuous and anonymous streams of data on all forms of mobility – from pedestrian to cyclist, car to HGV, and everything in-between for a number of public sector organisations.

Decision makers can now proactively study cutting-edge usage models built on both past and present urban behaviour, as well as projected traffic flow based on our advanced predictive analytics. How can Vivacity help your city’s transport systems evolve?



For Enterprise

Vivacity can help you better understand your customers.

The business landscape is evolving rapidly – yet many businesses are not prepared. Accurate, data-driven decisions are critical to success in any industry, whether when choosing sites for property development or improving retail footfall, pricing advertising or verifying compliance with active travel schemes.

At Vivacity Labs, we help you gather that data. We have developed and patented Artificial Intelligence technology that gathers data on transport systems 24/7, from pedestrian footfall to cyclists, and vans to trucks. Anonymous data is gathered through sensor hardware, which process and then discard their own video feeds, ensuring GDPR requirements are met.

Using this data, businesses all over the UK are quantifying their operations, understanding travel patterns and justifying further investments. Where can Vivacity take you?


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For Citizens

Vivacity helps organisations make the best decisions so we can travel safely, sustainably and smartly.

Every day, millions of us take to the road to drive or cycle to work, to walk to school, or just to go about our daily lives. We take the road network for granted, and assume that the authorities will deal with everything. How do they understand the transport network? How do they know where to invest millions upgrading the roads? How can they make traffic less congested, safer, and more sustainable for everyone?

At Vivacity Labs, we help governments manage traffic. By providing live and historic data on the types of vehicles driving on the roads, we give them visibility into congestion and travel patterns. We do this by deploying sensors with on-board cameras which process and discard all the video on the sensor. This ensures that no-one, not even us, can work out who went where. Your privacy is completely protected.

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“I have been truly impressed by Vivacity’s combination of technical ability, willingness to work flexibly with the client, and sheer determination to get the job done”.

Professor John Miles, University of Cambridge

“I’ve been working with Vivacity Labs for nearly 2 years, looking to better understand how Oxfordshire’s parking assets are used and how vehicles and people move around our network. Data derived from their systems will help us to better facilitate journeys for citizens. The VL team has been universally helpful and supportive, and a pleasure to work with”.

James Golding-Graham, iHub Innovation Team, Oxfordshire County Council