The Challenges

  • Around 1,200 people are killed each year on Australia’s roads and about 40,000 are seriously injured, with a further 275,000 requiring medical attention.
  • In New Zealand, around 300 people lose their lives while nearly 10,000 are injured

Encouraging people to choose active transport over private vehicles is creating a rapid change in demand on our traffic networks, road safety and urban infrastructure. There is an urgent need for technology that adapts to the ever-changing mobility landscape, with traditional traffic monitoring no longer able to deliver the insights that are required to keep our cities moving and road users safe.

Icon of VivaCity traffic monitoring sensor

Smart Traffic Monitoring

Image shows VivaCity detection capability at a junction.

Our award-winning AI-powered computer vision sensors detect and classify a wide range of transport modes, from pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters to cars, buses and HGVs – and everything in between.

Armed with a wide range of highly accurate multimodal datasets – all from a single sensor – Smart Traffic Monitoring empowers local authorities to make data-led decisions on infrastructure, sustainable transport schemes and policy.

Across the country, our customers are using this technology to plan and measure the success of School Streets, Active Transport uptake, regional modal shift, e-scooter behaviours and trends, and much more.



Smart Road Safety

VivaCity’s Smart Road Safety product suite offers a revolutionary combination of datasets to enhance road safety programmes, including our ground-breaking Near Miss incident detection capability.

Near Miss signals a step-change in how road safety data is gathered and analysed. With Near Miss, authorities can identify incident hotspots before collisions happen and the root cause of dangerous interactions, removing a reliance on KSI (killed and seriously injured) metrics, police reports and anecdotal evidence.

Near Miss supports Active Transport uptake by revealing perceived hazards that prevent people for cycling and walking and the high quality, necessary data, to make informed decisions to plan and monitor interventions to tackle them.

Near Miss enables prioritised and cost-effective interventions by identifying where, when, why and how near miss incidents are occurring and evluating incident severity.

Be proactive, pre-emptive and targeted with your road safety products and join the Smart Road Safety revolution.



Overview image of city and freeway

Smart Signal Control

Image of traffic light in Australia

Traditional signal control systems are outdated. Constraints of existing junction layouts and traditional signalling systems are unable to effectively manage the volume and variety of transport modes using urban road networks today. 

VivaCity’s Smart Signal Control: AI for Detection is the integration of VivaCity’s powerful AI sensors with existing UTC systems. This solution uses highly accurate, multimodal data to enable more efficient signalling and optimisation for different modes based on real-time demand.

The result is improved journey times, safer junctions for active transport, and an enhanced user experience for all.


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