International Women’s Day at VivaCity

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023
Picture with Flora, Miki and Cinthia from VivaCity

We’re thrilled to be sharing with you an interview with some of the great women at VivaCity, who are making a difference for our company, our culture, and the transportation technology industry.

Hear from Raquel Velasco (Head of Product), Cinthia Nwobodo (Talent Acquisition Associate), Flora McFarlane (Interim Head of Sales UK), and Miki van Kooij (Market Analyst), sharing their thoughts on why International Women’s Day is so important, what VivaCity is doing to support women, and what advice they have to other women wanting the enter the industry.

We would also like to celebrate and send a big thank you to all the other amazing women at VivaCity. There’s so much we can fit into a 2-minute video, but know that your hard work and contribution never goes unnoticed.

Make sure to visit the International Women’s Day official website and learn more about the ongoing work aimed at bringing visibility to gender equity and women’s rights.

If you would like to be part of the VivaCity team, check out the join us section where you can learn more about our company and culture – and visit the vacancies page for the current open positions.

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