VivaCity’s Mission

As we adapt to living in challenging and changing times, it’s more important than ever to understand how we interact with and navigate our cities. Our mission is to

Help cities to overcome their biggest transport challenges

Our Solution

Utilising cutting edge AI-powered computer vision, VivaCity captures highly accurate multimodal data. Data insights can be easily accessed, analysed and integrated into transport operating systems, to inform transport strategy, infrastructure investment and maximise network performance. With privacy-by-design at its core, there is no risk to personal data and only anonymised data is captured. The VivaCity network is scalable to optimise against the ever-changing transport landscape and maximise transport efficiency.

Leadership Team

  • Mark Nicholson Image
    Mark Nicholson
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
    Mark co-founded VivaCity with Yang and Peter. The three met while designing, manufacturing and racing a road-legal solar-powered car. Today Mark has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of VivaCity, combining his technical and commercial experience with a passion for bringing artificial intelligence to the transport systems we all use every day.
  • Yang Lu Image
    Yang Lu
    Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
    Yang leads VivaCity's technology development, driving technical excellence across the business, and is responsible for the technical decisions made daily. As a technology polyglot, with a 1st and Distinction from Cambridge in Engineering, Yang has previously spent time at a leading technology consultancy working on solutions from in-ear monitoring using the IoT to high-speed generic sequencing.
  • Peter Mildon Image
    Peter Mildon
    Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder
    Peter is responsible for the commercial delivery of Viva. After graduating from Cambridge University, Peter joined a leading systems engineering consultancy, heading projects across the oil, civil nuclear, and renewables industries. With substantial process-driven experience under his belt, Peter leads operations at Viva, ensuring we deliver on time and to specification - every time.
  • Rob Stait Image
    Rob Stait
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Rob leads the Commercial functions and has responsibility for sustaining Viva’s extraordinary growth. Rob brings years of experience of growing businesses in both the traffic management and sensor technology sectors. His background includes a strong track record of sales and marketing in the tech space, but also experience of both investor fundraising and the successful sale of high value businesses.
  • Lindsey Noakes Image
    Lindsey Noakes
    Head of People
    Lindsey is Viva’s Head of People. Prior to Viva she ran an award-winning social enterprise that used data to get safely-managed sanitation to everyone, everywhere. She's been recognised in Forbes' 30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30 and MIT's Innovators Under 35. Lindsey has a Master’s degree in conflict studies from SOAS University of London.
  • Henry Hunter Image
    Henry Hunter
    Finance Director
    Henry leads our Finance function and is responsible for our financing strategy, scaling financial operations to support our growth and the financial information that drives our decision making. Henry has 10 years experience and has helped a series of early stage technology ventures raise over £25m. He started his career with PwC on their Flying Start programme, and is a qualified chartered accountant.
  • Raquel Velasco Image
    Raquel Velasco
    Head of Product
    Raquel is the Head of Product at Viva, responsible for the strategy and development of our AI-powered sensors and Smart Junctions solutions. Raquel has worked in the Oil & Gas industry within geophysics R&D and product management. A University of Oxford Master in Physics and a London Business School MBA holder, in her leisure time, Raquel loves to be in the water, especially swimming and sailing.
  • Paul Elton Image
    Paul Elton
    Director of Customer Operations
    Paul, MBA CMgr MCMI is responsible for the delivery and ongoing care of Viva’s customers. Paul brings over 20 years experience within VC and PE backed organisations globally from 1 to 100,000 employees. He has held key roles in multiple previous exits and specialises in building high performing, scalable customer operations teams.
  • Roger Morgan Image
    Roger Morgan
    Head of Manufacturing
    Roger leads Viva’s Manufacturing function, comprising three main teams: Stock & Supply, Sensor Build, and Sensor Install. Our Manufacturing function ensures our sensors are safely installed, and data insights are readily available to clients. Roger has spent his career working within manufacturing in motorsport, defence and technology sectors, and has been instrumental in creating our own manufacturing facility in Milton Keynes.
  • Shaun Howell Image
    Shaun Howell
    Head of Research
    Shaun is Viva's Head of Research, responsible for solving customer problems using deep technical innovation. Shaun has a PhD in applied Artificial Intelligence and 10 years experience working with organisations across the public, private and academic sectors, including a lead role in many papers and patents. Outside of work he is an avid strength athlete and dog trainer.
  • Martin Hale Image
    Martin Hale
    Head of Production Engineering
    Martin leads the Engineering teams at Viva, responsible for our core hardware and software products and the infrastructure supporting them. Martin has a Master's degree in Mathematics and is passionate about all aspects of people and technology. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to music and will happily attend any sporting event. If Martin was really pressed on the issue, his favourite biscuit is a Chocolate Hobnob.
  • Flora McFarlane Image
    Flora McFarlane
    Head of UK Sales
    Flora is acting Head of UK Sales at Viva, having worked previously with Viva’s London partners and research institutions across the UK. She has spent the last 4 years in the mobility industry working to improve the way people experience streets and road networks. A firm believer in the power of data, she’s motivated to see the UK’s cities and wider transport networks strengthened by data-led decision making.
  • Mike Hollingbery Image
    Mike Hollingbery
    Head of Global Marketing
    Mike leads the Marketing team who are responsible for creating a coherent global public image of the company, supporting sales, investment, and recruitment. Mike has over a decade of marketing experience across FTSE100 companies and in the start-up environment.
  • Lucie Palkoskova Image
    Lucie Palkoskova
    Head of Customer Success and Onboarding
    Lucie leads the Customer Success and Onboarding teams at Viva, responsible for efficient delivery of projects, providing support after the delivery and making sure our clients get the most value from their solution. She has over a decade of experiences in clients services, project management and customer success from corporate and start-up environments.

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The VivaCity Team

We want to put artificial intelligence at the heart of every transport network to optimise their performance for the communities they serve. This means bringing together a talented team with diverse experiences, backgrounds and skills.

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