Our Mission

As we adapt to living in challenging and changing times, it’s more important than ever to understand how we interact with and navigate our cities.

Our mission is to empower cities to put sustainable communities at the heart of their transport networks.

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Empowering cities
We empower cities by providing local authorities and transport organisations with the detailed, highly accurate, data-driven insights they need to make informed decisions that support citizen-centric objectives and sustainability goals.
Supporting sustainable communities
Governments have huge power to make changes to the world around us. We want to ensure they use our tools for goals we believe in: improving the liveability of neighbourhoods with a focus on environmental sustainability.
Focusing on transport networks
Optimizing the performance of transport networks has huge benefits for the environment, the economy and for societal health and wellbeing. Data-driven insight is vital to making the most of this opportunity for positive change.

We’re all about innovation

It might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. Innovation is our differentiator. We’re known in the industry for pushing boundaries, enabling cities to try new things with better data, and leveraging technology to solve endemic transport problems. Having won industry and national awards every year since founding, we bring the latest academic research into practical, real-world environments, making data-driven change happen faster than anyone else.

Privacy-by-design is our core

We believe that the future of the Smart City has to be citizen-centric, and that keeping personal data safe is critical to the success of our technology. We have designed our solutions using privacy-by-design principles and are dedicated to ensuring personal data is never compromised.


The journey so far

Learn about our story and growth, and discover more about our visionary co-founders.


Leadership Team

  • Mark Nicholson Image
    Mark Nicholson
    CEO & Co-founder
    Mark co-founded Viva with Yang and Peter. The three met while designing, manufacturing and racing a road-legal solar-powered car. Today Mark has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of Viva, combining his technical and commercial experience with a passion for bringing artificial intelligence to the transport systems we all use every day.
  • Yang Lu Image
    Yang Lu
    CTO & Co-founder
    Yang leads Viva's technology development, driving technical excellence across the business, and is responsible for the technical decisions made daily. As a technology polyglot, with a 1st and Distinction from Cambridge in Engineering, Yang has previously spent time at a leading technology consultancy working on solutions from in-ear monitoring using the IoT to high-speed generic sequencing.
  • Peter Mildon Image
    Peter Mildon
    COO & Co-founder
    Peter is responsible for the commercial delivery of Viva. After graduating from Cambridge University, Peter joined a leading systems engineering consultancy, heading projects across the oil, civil nuclear, and renewables industries. With substantial process-driven experience under his belt, Peter leads operations at Viva, ensuring we deliver on time and to specification - every time.

The Viva Team

We want to put artificial intelligence at the heart of every transport network to optimize their performance for the communities they serve. This means bringing together a talented team with diverse experiences, backgrounds and skills.

Viva Team - 2021 Company Trip

Visit our Team blog to get to know more about who we are. You can read some compelling team member stories, who share personal thoughts on what makes Viva such a special company.


If you you believe in our mission, think Viva is somewhere you would thrive, and you’re up for a new challenge, you can find out more about our current vacancies.