Smarter, safer, more sustainable cities

The transportation industry is not on track to achieve its environmental and safety goals

Outdated traffic management technology. Growing urban populations. An expanding range of transportation modes. The pressure on towns and cities to address major transport challenges continues to build. A lack of accurate, holistic transport data that reflects the reality and scope of road user behaviors and trends is a major barrier to towns and cities reaching their potential.

We support cities to try new things

Since 2008 Viva have been working with transportation authorities to understand the biggest pain points facing the sector. With this insight we have developed tech solutions tailored to address them.

We offer competitively priced, award-winning intelligent traffic systems to transportation and urban design professionals that are fit for the 21st century.

Our technology has been engineered to tackle key challenges facing towns and cities today such as Road Safety and Sustainable Transportation.

We believe that long-term, high-quality data insights hold the key to a better urban future for all, and have developed a range of products to do just that.

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Key applications of our technology

Our technology has a proven track record of supporting a variety of use cases, including:

  • School Streets: monitor how the introduction of School Streets have impacted active transportation to school, vehicle speeds and traffic flow
  • Low-traffic neighborhoods: understand how low-traffic neighborhoods impact modal share and journey times
  • Speed trial evaluation: assess how speed limits are impacting vehicle behaviors, road safety and active transportation uptake
  • Near miss event identification: identify accident hotspots and their root cause to inform targeted preventative action
  • Regeneration and economic growth: monitor footfall levels and assess urban regeneration impact

Viva and your Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

Our technology can fulfill the Monitoring & Evaluation requirements of your transport schemes and funding bids.

You can procure our products via a range of frameworks. We’re a listed supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Transport Technology & Associated Service (TTAS) agreement.

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Accurate data and insights for a range of solutions

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Sustainable Transportation

Reduce emissions, decarbonise transport, and achieve Net Zero
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Safer roads start with smarter tech to reach Vision Zero

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Keeping citizens’ data secure and private

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our environments more interconnected, greener and safer. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of our technology, and our privacy-by-design principles is at the heart of how we do things.