Following the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), a strong emphasis has been put on various elements across transportation, none greater than safety. 

Demands on our traffic networks and urban infrastructure are rapidly changing and traditional traffic monitoring is outdated. There is an urgent need for technology that adapts to the ever-changing mobility landscape. Reactive decision-making is no longer adequate and is costing lives; the transportation industry is not on track to achieve its environmental (Net Zero) and safety (Vision Zero) goals.

To overcome these challenges The Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) program has been put in place to help support the US Federal Department of Transportation’s goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on the roadway.

How can Viva support your planning and demonstration grant application?

When applying for SS4A funding via the planning and demonstration route there are a number of key factors that must be considered. Viva’s Smart Road Safety technology is able to provide authorities with the insights and data they need to proactively make change and save lives.

At Viva, our vision is to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. We provide cities with highly accurate multimodal traffic monitoring data and road safety risk analysis via our latest Near Miss feature.

Near Miss analysis can be defined as reporting what could have happened but didn’t. Our Near Miss feature combines road user speed and path datasets, analyzing the post-encroachment time of vehicles as they cross a single point. This data can reveal high risk areas to inform proactive rather than reactive safety interventions.


Planning and Demonstration Grant Requirements


Safety Analysis - Analysis of existing conditions and historical trends

Engagement and Collaboration

Progress and Transparency - Measure progress over time after an Action Plan is developed or updated, including outcome data


Speed management and vulnerable road users

Road safety audits

Additional safety analysis and expanded data collection and evaluation using integrated data


Must measure potential benefits through data collection and evaluation and inform an Action Plan’s list of selected projects and strategies and their future implementation


Identifying and correcting common risks across a network

Supporting the development of bikeway networks 

Promoting the adoption of innovative technologies or strategies to promote safety

Evaluating and improving the safety of intersections

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