Local authorities rely on after-the-fact KSI data to make road safety decisions

Someone is killed or seriously injured on roads in North America every 23 seconds.

To achieve Vision Zero goals the rate of road casualty decline needs to double, alongside the perception of road safety for cyclists and other sustainable modes.

Traditional road safety management has relied on reactive action, based on after-the-fact data. This approach will not achieve the Government’s safety targets.

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Overview of streets in New York

The future of proactive Road Safety management

Smart Road Safety saves lives with Near Miss data.

It shouldn’t cost a life to save a life on the road network.

Near Miss enables you to identify accidents that could have happened but didn’t, and the root cause of dangerous interactions.

This revolutionary dataset, combined with Speed, Tracks and the full Smart Traffic Monitoring suite, enables strategic planning and implementation of life saving schemes and initiatives without relying on KSI (killed and seriously injured) metrics, police reports and anecdotal evidence.

Be proactive, pre-emptive and targeted with your road safety schemes. Join the Smart Road Safety revolution.

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