The SMART program was created as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and provides grants to eligible public sector agencies. The SMART program focuses on technologies and systems within the transportation sector with efficiency and safety at the core.

Technology plays an important role within the SMART Grant program and recognises the needs of technological investment to help tailor the needs of the community. The SMART grant also recognizes that many public sector agencies are challenged to find the resources and personnel to engage with new technologies. The program bridges this gap by providing a required planning phase, to help communities gain experience with innovative technologies.

In March 2022, the first round of the SMART Grant program was awarded to 59 projects and across 33 states in the United States. With the 2023 application deadline set for the 10th October, contact us to find out how Viva’s award-winning AI powered sensors can support your application.

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How can Viva support sensor projects?

Viva sensors provide highly accurate multimodal data to assess the impact of road safety interventions and enable data-led decision making to help prevent accidents. In addition, they are able to monitor use cases such as active travel patterns, footfall analysis and rat-run behavior.

Viva sensor classification include: Pedestrian, Car, Cyclist, E-scooter, Motorcyclists, Bus, LGV, OGV 1 & OGV 2. *OGV1 (with up to three axles) and OGV2 (with four or more axles).

Viva sensor capabilities include: Classified counts, Dwell times, Occupancy, Speed, Tracks, Turning Counts and Near Miss

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SMART Grants USA with VivaCity traffic monitoring - Pedestrian

Equity and Access
Use Viva sensors to measure infrastructure performance, and use this data to guide future developments that support equitable mobility, including sidewalks, bus shelters, bike lanes, and curb cuts.

SMART Grants USA with VivaCity traffic monitoring - Road Safety

Road safety and Vision Zero
Use Viva sensors’ real-time road safety data to evaluate and quantify dangerous movements and near miss events, and identify the most efficient and cost-effective interventions to achieve the Vision Zero mission.

Climate and resilience
Use Viva sensor data to identify truck-related congestion trends and monitor shared street schemes, with 24/7 anonymized pedestrian, bike and e-scooter movement insights. Optimise climate resilience infrastructure with rich data evidence.

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