Viva sensors versus traditional traffic monitoring methods

Traditional traffic monitoring technology is unable to accurately process the variety and volume of transport using our roads today. The majority of cities were built around the car. However, the momentum in modal shift, away from private vehicles towards more active travel, requires cities to adapt to meet the network demands of today.

Incumbent technologies, such as induction loops and radar, predominantly focus on motorized, vehicular data capture. When tasked with gathering data on other modes, accuracy is reduced. They are limited in the datasets they can capture, namely Classified Counts and Speed.

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Why choose Viva for your traffic monitoring requirements?

Viva sensors provide highly accurate multimodal data across a number of classifications including; car, cyclist, pedestrian, e-scooter, motorbike plus much more. The sensors also include a number of features to monitor behavior through; classified counts, speed, dwell times, tracks, zone occupancy, tracks and turning counts.

Only with this insight – underpinned by empirical evidence – will transportation authorities be able to design and implement the strategic policy and infrastructure changes necessary.

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