Local authorities lack reliable micromobility data

There is a sizable gap in road transport data.

Loops, ATC (automatic traffic counters) and Radar are unable to capture highly accurate data on pedestrian, cyclists and other micromobility behaviors, trends and patterns.

There’s an urgent need for traffic monitoring technology that can adapt to the evolving mobility landscape and provide local authorities with highly accurate transport data.

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Viva Sensor overlooking bridge and road

Powerful vision-based detection of the entire transport spectrum

Smart Traffic Monitoring is an award winning AI-powered computer vision sensors.

It can detect and classify a wide range of transport modes, from pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters to cars, buses and HGVs, and everything in between.

Armed with a wide range of highly accurate multimodal datasets – all from a single sensor – Smart Traffic Monitoring empowers local authorities to make data-led decisions on infrastructure, sustainable transport schemes and policy.

Across the country, our customers are using this technology to plan and measure the success of School Streets, Active Transportation uptake, regional modal shift, e-scooter behaviors and trends, and much more.

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