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Viva In The Media: July & August 2022 Roundup

In our mission to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable, we’re very pleased to be be grabbing the attention of various prestigious media and influencers. Find here a selection of news and stories, thought leadership created by our team, and other press and media pieces.

Maria Lema, Hannah Tune, Matt Warman MP, Sam Li and Alex Yeomans at the Smart Junctions 5G End of Project Showcase, Manchester, July 2022

Smart Junctions 5G End of Project Showcase

In July we celebrated the conclusion of the Smart Junctions 5G project in with and End of Project Showcase in Manchester, in collaboration with Weaver Labs, TfGM and DCMS.

ITS International: Viva demos AI junction control

Sitting stationary at traffic lights is one of the great frustrations of driving, whether for business or pleasure. The increasing numbers of people who now use other modes of transport, such as bicycles, also find them an irritant, especially if they are held at a red light but can see that their exit path fromRead More

Shining a 5G Light on Traffic Systems

Great to be featured in the latestĀ UK5G Innovation Briefing Magazine – Shining a light on Traffic Systems, where Peter Mildon, Viva’s COO, discusses our Smart Junctions project in collaboration with Transport for Greater Manchester. The aim of the project was to deliver AI traffic control systems to reduce congestion and pollution, as well as cuttingRead More

West Midlands 5G: 5G Enabled Traffic Monitoring Sensors.

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) has partnered with Viva to validate the application and use of 5G-enabled smart sensors to accurately identify and classify road usage in real-time. Two roads near Solihull (Lode Lane and Damson Lane) that regularly receive high volumes of traffic were identified for the trial. Lamp posts were equipped with Viva smartRead More