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World Highways: Viva’s AI-controlled junctions

Great to see press coverage of our Smart Junctions Manchester project (which won the Innovative Use of Technology award at the 2020 ITS (UK) Awards), on how we helped Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to anonymously identify different types of road users at selected junctions. As more cyclists and pedestrians use junctions originally designed toRead More

ITS International: Viva demos AI junction control

Sitting stationary at traffic lights is one of the great frustrations of driving, whether for business or pleasure. The increasing numbers of people who now use other modes of transport, such as bicycles, also find them an irritant, especially if they are held at a red light but can see that their exit path fromRead More

Smart Junctions in Manchester by Viva

Highways UK – Fireside session with Mark Nicholson CEO & TFGM

Our CEO Mark and TFGM had a great fireside chat last week at Highways UK 2020, on how they are implementing AI controlled Smart Junctions to optimize the traffic network in Manchester. Attendee’s: Mark Nicholson, CEO, Viva Hannah Tune, Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Transport for Greater Manchester David Watts, Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Transport for GreaterRead More

Smart Junction Control by Viva

Fourth Smart Junctions User Group

We hosted our fourth Smart Junctions user group online a few weeks ago and virtually welcomed more than 20 attendees from 12 councils and transport authorities.  The goal of these biannual user groups is to bring together transportation professionals from councils and authorities from across the country to share and learn from their experiences, challenges,Read More

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Embracing machine learning to keep us all moving

Viva’s COO Peter Mildon was invited to write a guest post for the Government’s Industrial Strategy Blog Over the last decade, transportation has undergone a technological revolution; from the introduction of Citymapper and Waze using crowdsourced data to help citizens travel in urban environments, to the rise of Uber and Lyft changing the way weRead More