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BBC Click - Viva and Ford RoadSafe Project

Viva and Ford ‘RoadSafe’ Project on BBC Click

Last month, BBC Click’s Omar Mehtab set out on his journey to discover how data can help make roads safer. Taking to streets, Omar goes behind the wheel to explore how a sensor in his car links up with our sensors on lamposts to track dangerous traffic hotspots, with the aim of collecting data forRead More

Viva and Doll Living Lab

DOLL Living Lab Partnership Showcases Our AI-Powered Traffic Sensors

We are happy to announce that Viva has teamed up with Danish Outdoor Living Lab (DOLL), Europe’s largest test field, showroom, and innovation hub, to display the capabilities of our AI-powered traffic sensors in helping make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. Addressing the needs of emerging smart and connected cities, DOLL offers a platformRead More

Transport, Weather and Environmental Data Insights from Vaisala and Viva Partnership

Transport, Weather and Environmental Data Insights from Vaisala Partnership

We’re very excited to be partnering with Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, to drive sustainability in the travel industry. Viva sensors, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture anonymous traffic counts of different transport modes across a selected ‘count line’, will be paired with Vaisala’s weather and environmentalRead More

Viva Smart Junctions Journey for Traffic Signal Control

Viva’s Smart Junctions Journey for Traffic Signals

After three years of developing our AI traffic signals optimisation system, we want to take a look back at our journey so far, and outline what the future holds for Viva Smart Junctions. We have hit major milestones since partnering with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Immense Simulations for an Innovate UK co-funded projectRead More