Power-up your signalling: safer journeys for every form of transport

The Department for Transport projects up to a 54% growth in traffic levels in England and Wales by 2060. This could see delays rise by 85%.

It’s widely accepted that increasing the capacity of the road network does not improve congestion, rather the opposite: induced demand.

The era of building more roads, ingrained in the transport industry since the 1960s, is over. Tackling 21st century congestion and achieving Net Zero goals requires an innovative and adaptive approach to transport’s greatest challenge.

Beating congestion is not only about keeping traffic moving, it requires towns and cities to champion sustainable travel over private vehicles. Optimised signal control is key to this.

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How VivaCity can help beat congestion and boost active travel

Our AI-powered adaptive signalling solution, Smart Signal Control, enables the integration of rich multimodal data into signal controllers for highly responsive and prioritised signalling. Explore the benefits of Smart Signal Control.

Make junctions safer for cyclists to promote active travel

Based on real-time demand, prioritise cyclists at crossings by using detection zones and sending filtered multimodal data to your signal controller. This enables the controller to trigger cyclist crossing stages as cyclists approach the crossing (from up to 25m), for safer and more efficient active travel experiences.

Improve the walkability of your city with enhanced junction performance for pedestrians

Make your crossings responsive to pedestrian user behaviours. Extend the pedestrian crossing-stage when necessary based on on-crossing and waiting zone occupancy.

Integrate real-time multimodal junction data with all major traffic signal control providers for measurable improved performance

Better understand and respond to congestion challenges at junctions of all shapes, sizes and complexities, with bespoke sensor configurations that feed live data into Yunex, Swarco or Telent controllers.

Improve the reliability of your local bus network and support sustainable travel

Buses are vital to ensuring the economy meets Net Zero. Enhancing the performance of bus services will encourage modal shift away from privately owned vehicles to public transport, reducing congestion, and associated emissions. You can use bus detection data to prioritise buses at junctions, ensuring reliable bus journey times and improved user experience.

Benefits of VivaCity's Smart Signal Control

Image of Smart Signal Control AI for Detect by VivaCity

Our intelligent traffic system enables junctions to operate efficiently in response to real-time demand and behaviours, improving journey quality and safety for all.

  • Classified demand data at junction approaches in real-time
  • Detect active travel modes
  • Access a broad range of rich datasets to monitor congestion
  • Improved road safety at night for active travel modes
  • Wider area coverage than legacy detectors
  • Adaptable to new transport modes e.g. e-scooters

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