Road congestion costs drivers, businesses and the economy billions each year.

With traffic levels in England and Wales set to increase by up to 51% by 2050, congestion is set to get worse. Alongside this, prioritising active travel, improving public transport reliability and creating more sustainable environments are also now all critical to transport policies.

As a result, there is huge pressure on highway authorities to improve the reliability of the road network and deliver decreased journey times, greener transport options and better air quality.

Real-time data insight and intelligent transportation systems are key to solving these urban mobility problems.

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By providing live road usage data and AI-optimised signal control into highways operations, we enable operators to understand the current state of the network and implement traffic strategies at local and city level.
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Single or multi-junction control for optimised traffic

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Installed near the junction, VivaCity sensors gather anonymous, real-time, multimodal traffic data and send these datasets to the existing Controller Cabinet via 4G or ethernet. This data can be used by the existing system to optimise signalling, depending on the junction’s specific design and requirements.

Our solution is completely adaptable to the different junction conditions and needs. It’s possible to integrate our sensors with a single traffic signal UTC feeding data into it, as well as by our algorithm taking complete phasing control of a whole junction, or multi-junctions.


VivaCity Smart Junctions Control

Through AI and machine learning, we have the potential to optimise junctions and roads for:

  • Different modes, including cyclists, buses or pedestrians – providing weighted priority to reduce waiting times for these modes.
  • Air quality – using our detailed datasets to understand emissions & set the AI to prioritise for this.
  • Congestion – giving transport authorities the choice to prioritise underlying congestion.

Air quality programmes using VivaCity sensor data

VivaCity Smart Junctions Early Adopter Programme – Be part of the revolution!


Download our award-winning Smart Junctions Paper and learn more about the future of traffic signal control optimisation.


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Keeping citizens’ data secure and private.

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our environments more interconnected, greener and safer. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of our technology, and our privacy-by-design principles is at the heart of how we do things.