Venturers Club roundtable: Why AI start-ups should focus on data privacy and trust

Monday, 12 April, 2021

Delighted to get a mention in this round-up by Venturers Club regarding data privacy, something we take very seriously here at VivaCity and place at the very heart of our operation.

Peter Mildon, COO of VivaCity, agreed with the notion of explainability easing the process of gaining trust when drawing from experience in applying machine learning to cameras: “We don’t store video from the cameras, and we don’t use facial recognition of any kind. It’s a completely anonymous data feed for optimising traffic lights, and we’ve received varied reactions from different groups when explaining how we operate.

“When talking to a local authority, for example, they want to understand how traffic lights will respond to a specific scenario, and once we explain the system more in terms of an optimisation algorithm and those reactions are clearly demonstrated, they become quite comfortable.”

“Then from a marketing perspective, referring to this as a ‘clever algorithm’ rather than AI tends to get you through the door, and allows conversations to be made more easily.”

Read the full article on Information Age.

For more information on our approach to data privacy click here.