Unlock the Power of Seamless Procurement – Direct Award via TTAS and G-Cloud Frameworks

Tuesday, 5 December, 2023

Through our collaborations with over 100+ Local Authority customers, we know that procuring the right goods and services is often time-consuming and demands meticulous planning. Furthermore, staff constraints and budgetary limitations can add extra challenges.

VivaCity can help streamline the procurement process for you

VivaCity is an accredited supplier under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) and G-Cloud 13 frameworks. On TTAS, we are on Lot 1 (Transport Professional Services), Lot 2 (Transport and Pedestrian Control), Lot 4 (Transport Data Services), Lot 6 (Major Transport Solutions), and Lot 7 (Catalogue/Direct Award).

With our support, we can make your procurement experience quick, simple and compliant. Say goodbye to procurement headaches and hello to efficiency like never before.

The direct award route via TTAS and G-Cloud Frameworks:

  • Provides a speedier route to market
  • Simplifies the selection process, minimising the time/effort needed to obtain multiple quotes
  • Provides cost savings, bypassing the procurement procedures usually associated with formal bids and thereby leading to cost savings for your Authority
  • Adheres to procurement best practices, fully complying with recognised procurement standards

Our Commercial Team is happy to guide you through each stage of the procurement process. Feel free to contact us at for further information and assistance.

Discover VivaCity’s 3-in-1 solution

With ongoing pressure on budgets it’s important to make the most of any technology you deploy. Versatility is key. By using different lens types – any of which can sit comfortably in the standard sensor case – VivaCity sensors can be used for three purposes: signal control, traffic monitoring and road safety. VivaCity sensors are always connected, so there’s no need to add all features at the point of installation – you can add them as and when they’re needed. When used in combination, the datasets unite to provide holistic and fully comprehensive junction performance metrics, all from the same sensor.

Explore VivaCity’s range of capabilities:

Image of tablet with Viva technology brochure

Discover what makes VivaCity’s solution unique

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