Fourth Smart Junctions User Group

Friday, 22 May, 2020
Smart Junction Control by VivaCity

We hosted our fourth Smart Junctions user group online a few weeks ago and virtually welcomed more than 20 attendees from 12 councils and transport authorities.  The goal of these biannual user groups is to bring together transportation professionals from councils and authorities from across the country to share and learn from their experiences, challenges, and industry insights.


During these day-long sessions we present on the progress of our Smart Junctions project, a 3-year InnovateUK-funded programme to use AI to optimise traffic networks. We run various workshops to discuss and get feedback on the work that we are doing. The guidance and input we continue to receive from these events are profoundly important to ensure that we create a revolutionary traffic control system which is as valuable as possible to all transport authorities.

On the day, we ran five separate sessions. Starting with a progress update, we presented on our progress to date and shared details on the key milestones that we’ve hit in the last 6 months.  We shared some of our initial results from our real-world trial, as well as what we are planning for the next phase of the project. Our second session was titled “Lessons learnt from real-world deployment”; we kicked-off the session by sharing some of the different challenges that we have or are facing then split into two groups where our founders led round-table discussions.

The third session focused on ways to quantify the impact of Smart Junctions-like interventions, and we gave our groups some representative data to play around with.

For the final two sessions, we presented two traffic monitoring workflows and prototypes to get feedback on some of our product designs.

Thanks again to everyone who logged in and took part! We continue to learn so much from the community and are grateful for everyone’s honest feedback.

We look forward to hosting you all again at our next user group on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (in person hopefully!) at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London.

If you want to know more and/or would like to be added to the invite list for the next user group, don’t hesitate to reach out to or anyone else at VivaCity who would be more than happy to assist.