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Information Age: UK’s leading AI startup and scaleup founders highlight the main pain points of running an AI business

Tuesday, 9 February, 2021
Founders from 16 of the UK’s leading AI startups and scaleups have revealed to Information Age the main pain points of running an AI business.

Running and growing an AI startup comes with its own unique set of challenges compared to other sectors, ranging from; talent acquisition, how to implement the technology, busting the AI hype around what it is and its capabilities, the accessibility of trusted or secure data and a lack of AI expertise in industries.

In the first article of a three part series focusing on what founders are doing to navigate the fast growth AI industry, Information Age spoke to the founders of some the UK’s leading AI startups to understand the ten main pain points of running an AI business.

“One of the main pain points in running an AI business is counteracting misunderstandings people may have around AI and its capabilities,” says Mark Nicholson, CEO, Vivacity Labs — “which improves traffic lights with artificial intelligence.”

Read the full article on Information Age.

*The second article in the series on “The main pain points of running a fast growth business in the AI sector” can be found here.

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