Local councils choose VivaCity for Active Travel insights ahead of funding deadline

Wednesday, 5 August, 2020
VivaCity - Cyclist Paths


London, UK; 30th July 2020: VivaCity, the UK-based transport AI company, has been chosen by dozens of UK councils to improve their Active Travel insight for people returning to work during the COVID-19 crisis.

The company’s artificial intelligence anonymously captures, classifies and tracks live transport usage, 24/7, via sensors placed in major towns and cities. With this data, local authorities can not only monitor cyclist and pedestrian numbers, but can also understand behaviour patterns, such as social distancing, dangerous undertaking manoeuvres or cyclists using pavements, which enables authorities to improve safety. VivaCity sensors do not collect personal data, and none of our clients can use our technologies to gather any kind of personal data.

The technology has already been adopted by more than 30 UK councils, with more joining following the £250m recent government funding awarded for regions to develop ‘Active Travel’ schemes, which encourage people to avoid public transport or their cars and instead walk or cycle to get around. The first phase of government funding was allocated in May 2020, with applications for the second phase closing on the 7th August 2020. The investment in this technology will help increase the safety as the UK increases initiatives to boost cycling and walking.

VivaCity can also provide councils with data on behaviour at complex junctions. By examining the number of cyclists and other vehicles using junctions from different directions, authorities can improve their understanding of how residents are using the existing infrastructure, alongside supporting future improvements. For councils working to upgrade their existing infrastructures to support Active Travel, the technology provides essential local insight which will accelerate and optimise their schemes.

Alan Law, County Transport Modeller and Team Leader, Transport Planning at Warwickshire County Council, commented: “VivaCity responded quickly, proficiently and professionally in response to WCC request for assistance in monitoring active travel schemes. The VivaCity team were very flexible in the approach to deployment of sensors and enabled the County to start monitoring use of schemes with this great technology within a very short period of time.”

Mark Nicholson, VivaCity CEO, added: “VivaCity has worked with authorities across the country for a number of years. Now, with the deadline for Active Travel funding fast approaching, it’s never been more important for councils to have a robust understanding of how residents are using local Active Travel routes, and planning for safety interventions accordingly.”

VivaCity’ award-winning artificial intelligence technology anonymously captures, classifies and tracks live transport usage. During the UK lockdown, VivaCity’s technology has been gathering data on cycling, walking, and social distancing – all critical components of the government’s exit strategy.

(VivaCity sensors do not collect personal data).