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Cambridge Smart Junction by Viva

CiTTi Magazine: Viva trials Smart Junctions solution in Cambridge

Viva trialling traffic signal solution in Cambridge to cut congestion and improve air quality. As part of a 12-month trial, we will investigate how our camera-based sensors and machine-learning can be used to optimize traffic signals. The system aims to improve traffic flow, cut journey times and help reduce emissions. Currently, the majority of trafficRead More

Cambridge Smart Junction by Viva

Viva Smart Junction signal control trial in Cambridge to ease traffic flow

Our Smart Junctions AI traffic signal control is to be trialled at some of the busiest junctions in Cambridge to help cut congestion and improve air quality. The 12-month trial will investigate how camera-based sensors and machine learning can be used to optimize traffic signals to improve traffic flow, reduce journey times and help tackleRead More

The impact of COVID-19 on Cambridge traffic flow using Viva data.

Examining the impact of Covid-19 on traffic flow in Cambridge. Throughout the pandemic Viva have been supporting clients and partners to improve understanding about the impact on transport modes usage and and traffic movement in towns and cities. Cambridge County Council has multiple Viva sensors installed across the city to monitor traffic flows. Michael Stevens,Read More

Measuring Cambridge traffic flow and helping reduce congestion.

Measuring Cambridge city centre traffic flow and reducing congestion. Challenge As part of Cambridge County Council’s (CCC) commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and improve air quality, it is looking for smart and effective ways to manage congestion, especially at peak times for journeys in and out of the city, to help improve the environmentRead More