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Viva Smart Junctions tackles traffic congestion and air pollution with computer vision sensor

Tackling Traffic Congestion and Pollution with AI and Smart Junctions

Tackling congestion requires a collaborative effort. One that joins technological advancements with schemes and campaigns that simultaneously encourage behavior changes and introduce physical changes – driven by data – to enable such change. Our Smart Junctions solution for traffic signal optimisation demonstrated a 23% reduction in journey times.

Building Citizen-Led Urban Mobility Strategies : Nitrous, 20th May 16:00

We are looking forward to the “Building Citizen-Centric Mobility Strategies” event hosted by Nitrous on Thursday 20th May, where our COO, Peter Mildon, will be discussing the work Viva are doing to achieve inclusive, citizen-focused mobility strategies. Over the last year, a revolution in urban mobility has occurred with Covid-19 accelerating the need for healthy, activeRead More

Measuring Cambridge traffic flow and helping reduce congestion.

Measuring Cambridge city centre traffic flow and reducing congestion. Challenge As part of Cambridge County Council’s (CCC) commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and improve air quality, it is looking for smart and effective ways to manage congestion, especially at peak times for journeys in and out of the city, to help improve the environmentRead More