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Speed Data for road safety

Using Speed Monitoring Data to Improve Road Safety

With Zonal Speed datasets it’s possible to identify where speed limits are or are not being obeyed. Our AI-powered, computer vision sensors offer multi-modal classification of road users and their speed.

Data and active transportation schemes in London

Why data is vital in facilitating active travel

Active transportation is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ method of travelling. A couple of months ago, TfL and London Councils chose operators Dott, Lime and TIER to launch a 12-month trial for rental e-scooters. It signals yet another post-pandemic ambition to move towards sustainable travel, and this micromobility shift bolts onto the significant rise in activeRead More

Picture of city with complex road system

Using Big Data in Transportation for Post-Pandemic Recovery

The recent pandemic has created an opportunity for innovation in how urban mobility takes place, making room for better, safer and more reliable ways to move people and goods around, using big data to answer the big questions in transportation. The Hill+Knowlton Strategies team in London organised a virtual roundtable with experts in urban mobilityRead More

Accurate Data for smart cities

Why Data Accuracy is Crucial for the Future of Smart Cities

‘Quality = Accuracy + Breadth + Robustness’ is the Perfect Equation   There is an assumption that all data is created equal. This is simply not true. History is littered with technologies which provide “data”, but if you cannot trust the insights it is worthless. When it comes to city infrastructure, authorities who are making decisionsRead More