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Auto Futures: A Green Recovery – How Viva is Using AI, Sensors And Anonymous Data to Reinvent Our Cities

Monday, 12 April, 2021

Our CEO Mark Nicholson talks to Auto Futures about how Viva came about, our traffic sensor technology and plans for the future.

Our ‘Smart Junctions’ are able to identify different types of road users at selected junctions and control traffic signals to promote more sustainable modes of transport, such as cyclists and buses.

“With more cyclists on the road since the pandemic, these Smart Junctions are able to give priority to people on foot or bike where and when appropriate, helping to create safer journeys,” says Mark.

The system enables cities and transport authorities to efficiently adapt to different policy priorities, including reducing emissions and improving air quality. This can be achieved by reducing congestion and queuing with AI-powered traffic lights that respond better and more quickly to changes in traffic conditions than existing systems.

“One of the system’s great benefits is its ability to prioritise and provide anonymous data on different road users, and, in particular, active transportation modes (e.g. cycling and walking). The data helps authorities to make active transportation infrastructure changes and monitor the success (or failure) of such initiatives. These changes, and the priority created by the system for active transportation users, helps to encourage shifts in travel behavior and the uptake of active travel, thus creating more sustainable travel in the city.”

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