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World Highways: Viva’s AI-controlled junctions

Great to see press coverage of our Smart Junctions Manchester project (which won the Innovative Use of Technology award at the 2020 ITS (UK) Awards), on how we helped Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to anonymously identify different types of road users at selected junctions. As more cyclists and pedestrians use junctions originally designed toRead More

ITS International: Viva demos AI junction control

Sitting stationary at traffic lights is one of the great frustrations of driving, whether for business or pleasure. The increasing numbers of people who now use other modes of transport, such as bicycles, also find them an irritant, especially if they are held at a red light but can see that their exit path fromRead More

Highways UK 2020 – Innovate UK Funded Projects – Smart Junctions

This Smart Junctions project in collaboration with Immense Simulations and Transport for Greater Manchester, was created with the aim of revolutionising traffic signal control. Viva apply modern technology and artificial intelligence to better manage traffic networks. We all understand how frustrating it can be to sit at a red traffic light when there is noRead More

AI-powered pollution-reducing traffic lights trialled as part of £30m boost for 5G initiatives

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered traffic lights will be trialled in Manchester to assess whether they can efficiently reduce pollution and congestion as part of a £30m investment in 5G technology. The project plans to use intelligent sensors to detect speed, path, journey time and queuing data for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians travelling along the city’s roads. The sensors, running AIRead More