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Viva Smart Junctions tackles traffic congestion and air pollution with computer vision sensor

Tackling Traffic Congestion and Pollution with AI and Smart Junctions

Tackling congestion requires a collaborative effort. One that joins technological advancements with schemes and campaigns that simultaneously encourage behavior changes and introduce physical changes – driven by data – to enable such change. Our Smart Junctions solution for traffic signal optimisation demonstrated a 23% reduction in journey times.

Building Citizen-Led Urban Mobility Strategies : Nitrous, 20th May 16:00

We are looking forward to the “Building Citizen-Centric Mobility Strategies” event hosted by Nitrous on Thursday 20th May, where our COO, Peter Mildon, will be discussing the work Viva are doing to achieve inclusive, citizen-focused mobility strategies. Over the last year, a revolution in urban mobility has occurred with Covid-19 accelerating the need for healthy, activeRead More