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Maria Lema, Hannah Tune, Matt Warman MP, Sam Li and Alex Yeomans at the Smart Junctions 5G End of Project Showcase, Manchester, July 2022

Smart Junctions 5G End of Project Showcase

In July we celebrated the conclusion of the Smart Junctions 5G project in with and End of Project Showcase in Manchester, in collaboration with Weaver Labs, TfGM and DCMS.

Viva Smart Junctions tackles traffic congestion and air pollution with computer vision sensor

Tackling Traffic Congestion and Pollution with AI and Smart Junctions

Tackling congestion requires a collaborative effort. One that joins technological advancements with schemes and campaigns that simultaneously encourage behavior changes and introduce physical changes – driven by data – to enable such change. Our Smart Junctions solution for traffic signal optimisation demonstrated a 23% reduction in journey times.

BBC Click - Viva and Ford RoadSafe Project

Viva and Ford ‘RoadSafe’ Project on BBC Click

Last month, BBC Click’s Omar Mehtab set out on his journey to discover how data can help make roads safer. Taking to streets, Omar goes behind the wheel to explore how a sensor in his car links up with our sensors on lamposts to track dangerous traffic hotspots, with the aim of collecting data forRead More

Viva and Doll Living Lab

DOLL Living Lab Partnership Showcases Our AI-Powered Traffic Sensors

We are happy to announce that Viva has teamed up with Danish Outdoor Living Lab (DOLL), Europe’s largest test field, showroom, and innovation hub, to display the capabilities of our AI-powered traffic sensors in helping make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. Addressing the needs of emerging smart and connected cities, DOLL offers a platformRead More