Viva present Smart Junctions 5G traffic solution at UK5G event

Wednesday, 13 April, 2022
Image of the Viva stand at an exhibition

In March 2022, Viva was at the UK’s 5G Showcase in Birmingham with Weaver Labs and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) presenting our innovative Smart Junctions 5G traffic solution.

5G connectivity is a vital part of the vision for Smart Cities. With Smart Junctions we’re helping cities modernise their traffic control through Reinforcement Learning. Combined with our sensors’ advanced AI detection capabilities, this approach enables congestion reduction, multi-modal optimisation, dynamic and adaptive signal control and automated calibration.

Watch Alex Yeomans, Technical Project Manager at Viva, and Sam Li, Senior Innovations Officer at TfGM, present the Smart Junctions solution at the UK5G Showcase event.

This revolution in traffic signal control helps authorities efficiently and effectively enact new city wide policies and enable better optimisation at local, regional and city-wide levels. This ground-breaking solution is already delivering real-world benefits – in Manchester Smart Junctions achieved a 23% reduction in journey time across a single junction. We’re working to optimize junction efficiency across the whole day, for different demand levels and different scenarios.

Graph showing journey times across a single junction, demonstrating a 23% improvement with Viva’s Smart Junctions solution in control. Incumbent average (orange): 55s (103525 journeys); Viva (blue) average: 43s (57660 journeys).

Real-time deployment requires real-time data, and for this we need reliable, low latency connectivity. 5G connectivity greatly improves this performance.


Download our Award-Winning Smart Junctions Paper

Learn more about our journey into developing our Smart Junctions solution, and our partnership with Manchester and Cambridge through the trial and results achieved.


AI-powered 5G traffic signal solution

Viva’s Smart Junctions is being developed with the aim to improve congestion and air quality, while optimising traffic flow and experience for different types of road users.

Find out more about how our Smart Junctions is paving the way as a innovative 5G traffic solution. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like a free demo.

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