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Viva data is being used to evaluate side

Side Road Zebra Crossing Trial

Welsh Government has commissioned a trial of non-prescribed zebra crossings on three side roads. Viva data is supporting the trial’s evaluation and the understanding of how ‘simple’ zebra crossings impact road safety.

Picture of Viva team running an e-scooter trial

E-scooter detection and behavior insights

Comprehensive e-scooter data is vital to creating a safe, sustainable and inclusive multimodal transport network that supports both Net Zero and Vision Zero goals.

Ford UKI & Viva RoadSafe Programme

Ford and Viva are helping Drivers to Steer Clear of Hidden Hazards

Whether on the school run, going to work, or doing the weekly shop, we are all familiar with stretches of road or locations where more care is needed while driving. In some cases, we may choose to avoid these locations altogether to help ensure our journeys are completed safely. Now, Ford cars UK has workedRead More

The Telegraph: Ford to trial technology that can predict traffic accidents

Ford trialling tech to foresee accidents, connect cars and improve road safety A consortium led by Ford is developing an innovative predictive road safety tool which, using data from connected vehicles and intelligent roadside sensors, could help to make travel in towns and cities safer and easier. Each year more thanĀ 1.3 million peopleĀ are killed onRead More