Case Studies

Traffic Flow at London City Airport’s Forecourt & Access Roads.

Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

Managing traffic flow at airport forecourt and access road to minimise disruption.


London City Airport (LYC) is served by a single main road (Hartmann Road) for access/exit by all public vehicles. Congestion near to the junction of Hartmann Road and the A112 can cause a knock-on effect near to the airport buildings, disrupting the flow of traffic in and out of the area.

Solution & Benefits

VivaCity sensors have been installed at the Drop Off area, Rental Car access and the point at which vehicle congestion would require the Airport Authorities to intervene to manage traffic flow.

They are being used to

  • Count and classify all vehicles using Hartmann Road to access and leave the airport.
  • Count and classify all vehicles using the drop off area and rental car access.
  • Provide real-time occupancy levels near to the airport which can be used as a trigger for airport authorities to intervene and manage traffic flow.

Classified count information is easily accessed and analysed via the cloud-based the VivaCity Dashboard. Occupancy numbers are provided in real-time to the Airport via an API (Application Programme Interface) which feeds the data directly into its own system, enabling the London City Airport IT to develop an internal alert once occupancy reaches a pre-determined level, so they can pro-actively manage traffic flow to minimise disruption.