VivaCity 2023 Wrapped: A Year in Review

Wednesday, 20 December, 2023

As VivaCity wraps up for the year, it’s time to reflect on the achievements, milestones, and data insights from 2023. This blog post will take you through some of the highlights, the impactful projects, and the strides taken towards smarter, safer and sustainable transport networks.

Vision Zero and Net Zero: The Heart of VivaCity

One of the pivotal moments for VivaCity in 2023 was the expansion into North America, and more recently into Ireland, marking a significant step towards global outreach. Alongside this, the introduction of Near Miss, a groundbreaking Road Safety initiative, further solidifies VivaCity’s commitment to safety and the Vision Zero mission.

Before delving into specific projects and initiatives, let’s take a moment to appreciate the wealth of data VivaCity has amassed in 2023 (check out our traffic data live counter). The numbers tell a story of the evolving urban landscape, with insights into sustainable travel, large-scale events, and the deployment of VivaCity’s cutting-edge sensor network.

Active Travel Highlights

Notably, the top three cycle lanes with the largest percentage increase in cyclists are found in Oxford, showcasing the city’s commitment to sustainable travel. The Top 10 Most Used Cycle include those in the Netherlands and Australia, with 8 of our 10 found in London, UK.

Largest Footfall Events captured by the VivaCity Network include:

  • Coronation of King Charles III (6th May 2023): Pedestrian footfall saw a remarkable 77% increase compared to the average Saturday.
  • Birmingham Pride (27th May): Motorized traffic restrictions led to a 42% reduction, while cyclist counts surged by 77%.
  • New York City Marathon (5th November): A whopping 51,933 starters, with VivaCity sensors picking up 54,570 pedestrians along the route.

Sensor Network Expansion

In 2023, VivaCity rolled out 3,820 sensors across various cities, marking a 33% increase from the previous year. These sensors detected a staggering 14.3 billion road users, a testament to their effectiveness in gathering critical data. Peak hour trends reveal intriguing insights into pedestrian and cyclist counts.

Supporting Safer Roads for Vulnerable Users

VivaCity played a crucial role in Westminster City Council’s School Streets trials. The data collected proved the effectiveness of the restrictions in reducing motorised vehicle volumes. In March 2023, the council, guided by VivaCity data and consultation responses, decided to make 11 School Streets permanent, signalling a positive shift toward safer roads.

Sheffield City Council’s innovative use of VivaCity Smart Signal Control at a Toucan crossing demonstrated the potential for technology to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The data-driven approach ensured efficient signal management, with impressive numbers indicating the positive impact on active travel users.

The Journey Continues

The journey continues into the 2024 with a commitment to sustainable urban living, safety, and innovation. The amalgamation of data, technology, and a forward-thinking vision positions VivaCity as a leader in shaping the cities of tomorrow. Here’s to another year of progress and positive change!

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